ConvertXtoDVD Reviews

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Here are some VSO ConvertXtoDVD reviews from around the internet. If you would like to add your own ConvertXtoDVD review please submit it using the form below.

The program is the greatest on the market. I’ve tried countless of DVD burning software, this also may be the Just one that works. It converts files so that your DVD player can see them. It burns with quality to your blank DVD-rom. Other burning applications like Ashampoo Burning Studio is successful, but doesn’t learn how to convert files include them as readable on the DVD player.

A little yet powerful computer software, it does a few things i want, burn my video to DVD, the high quality is great, and incredibly easy to use, have never had problem running the flicks on my own DVD player.

Quite simply the best DVD-writing program available on the market. All you do is defined inside a blank DVD, drag and drop any video file to the “New Project” section, click “Convert”, and voila.

Its easy to use. It’s not necessary to know a little more about encoding or something like that(not expert in pc’s).Celebrate the movies picture clearer than it was with the beginning.

For those who have any reason to set files over a DVD…apparently virtually any file….from your hard disk…then this computer software will do it quickly and well. I’m pleased while using results that we get from that.

This computer software is simple to work with.

The interface will work for amateur and also experienced user.

Great package if you need a professional tool to lose your films to DVD. Very powerful package.

It seems like this is actually the best DVD Creating software on earth. It’s got ALL features to become the top.

I certainly would suggest it. I’m not a sophisticated user and you won’t need to be to have good results with ConvertXtoDVD.

Manages files with damaged frames from HDTV downloads very well. We’ve marginal OTA signal for television at times causing recordings that are lost frames or are corrupted. This software handles them. No audio/video sync problems.

The most effective DVD maker I ever used. Very powerful, effective and easy-to-use. The burned videos have good quality.

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