Controlled Labs Black Hole Reviews

June 2, 2010

Controlled Labs Black Hole Reviews

Controlled Labs Black Hole Review

Controlled Labs Black Hole Reviews

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Review 1
I am an ectomorph, so I am trying to add lean mass while eating more. This stuff works. I have taken it especially during the holidays with all the extra food around. I am impressed. I have kept eating and eating more and more food with no end in sight. Keep up the good work CL.

Review 2
Always had trouble with the breakfast meal. Only used one pill about 30minutes before the meal on an empty stomach. didn’t make me hungry but definately eliminated that ‘full’ feeling so i was able to eat more.

Review 3
This product is really great. The intensity of my hunger didn’t increase but the frequency definitely did. I ate and regardless of how much I ate, in an hour I felt like I could eat again. It also increased the amount I could eat at each sitting by a fairly good portion. I didn’t feel any euphoria but that’s not why I bought it. If you have trouble shoving enough calories down your throat every day, this is the product for you. As a side note, the pills weren’t all grainy so they were easy to swallow. Not a reason to buy it in itself but definitely a nice perk.

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